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ยท 2 min read
Conner Ow

Welcome back to another edition of Replit Updates!

In the past two weeks we merged a total of 933 pull requests. Our top contributor this week is Madison Fitch who landed 79 merged pull requests.

New Git UI

Brian Pool has been working tirelessly on improving the experience with Git and Replit. If you've got Explorer mode enabled, you should see a new interface for interacting with Git.

New Git UI

You can now seamlessly commit, push, create pull requests on GitHub, and view Git History with this new feature.

Git history

Tab Management

Clicking on a tab now allows you to copy the link to it, toggle folds, and switch to another file without opening up the file tree.

Tab Dropdown

Clicking on the three dots in the top-right corner of a pane or hitting CMD/CTRL+J Opens another dropdown that allows you to manage tabs and panes without ever leaving your keyboard!

Pane Options

Try using CMD+J followed by CMD+SHIFT+ARROWLEFT or CMD+ARROWLEFT to move focus and navigate around the screen!

Mobile Themes

Custom Themes are now available in the most recent version of the Replit mobile app! Install the latest update on the App Store or the Google Play Store and you'll be able to manage and switch between your favorite Themes from the Account page.

Extensions Developer Docs

The Extension Developer Docs just landed. If you're interested in making an Extension of your own, apply for early access here.

Bounties Summary

You can now see the total amount of cash available from open Bounties in the sidebar.

Bounty Summary