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Replit Core is the membership to unlock the full Replit experience.

Unlimited access to Replit AI

  • Save time and code faster with Replit's industry-leading AI coding assistant, currently powered by GPT-4.
  • Debug code, get intelligent autocomplete suggestions, and convert natural language to code with one click.

Lightning-fast and secure workspace

  • A high-powered 8 GiB RAM and 4 vCPU cloud development environment with the option to upgrade.
  • Generous network bandwidth (100 GiB) and storage (50 GiB), so you'll never run out of resources.
  • Additional security capabilities like SSH access and private Repls to control sharing.

Flexible credits

  • Members have access to $10 in flexible credits per month that they can use on any of our cloud services, such as Autoscale Deployments, Reserved VM Deployments, Outbound Data Transfer, and Postgres.

One-click Deployments

  • Use the included flexible credits to deploy your applications.
  • Built-in logging & analytics.

Priority support and community events

  • Help when you need it with dedicated 1:1 support
  • Access to members-only events
  • Early access to new features

Partner perks

  • Access the web’s collective knowledge, powered by advanced AI models, with Perplexity. Members enjoy a complimentary 4-month Perplexity Pro subscription.
  • Access Google Cloud infrastructure, services, and foundational models via Replit ModelFarm, supporting secure access to 3rd-party Gen AI providers. Storage credits coming soon.

See a full list of Replit Core perks and compare offerings on the pricing page

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