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Introduction to Replit

Replit provides a large range of tools and features necessary for software development. It serves as an IDE, a code collaboration platform, a cloud provider, a developer community, and so much more.

Start Here

Get started by Creating a Replit Account.

Key Terms

Learn the basic key terms used in the documentation and across the site to get a better understanding of Replit.

Introduction to the Workspace

Learn about the features and abilities the Replit Workspace is capable of, and how you can get started coding in seconds.

Power Ups

Increase the power of your Repls and learn how to improve your coding experience with Replit AI, Replit's AI Pair Programmer.


Deploy anything from a cloud database to a production-level application in a matter of minutes.


Find a top creator to get a job done for you, or get started freelancing.


Learn how to build over fifty different projects all within Replit.

Replit for Teachers

Teams for Education

Create and set up your team in minutes and get your hands on extra curriculum and teacher resources.

Threads and Feedback

Leave comments on your students' code, or let them peer review each other, using in-line discussion threads.

Automatic Testing and Grading

Use Unit Testing to test and grade students' submissions.

Comply with Local Privacy Regulations

We will help you keep your students and their work safe online, while complying with various privacy laws and regulations such as FERPA, COPPA, GDPR, CCPA, and many others.

Firewall Mode

Prevent students from using Web Proxies to bypass internet filters.


Ask Forum

The Ask Forum is the perfect place to get help on your code, report bugs, and request features.

Contact Support

Get in touch with Replit's Support Team for any account/billing-related issues.

Legal and Security information and guides for reporting users and what is/isn't allowed on the platform.

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