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Transferring Repls to Organizations

You can transfer personal and Legacy Teams Repls to your Organization using the CLUI tool.

  • Transferring a Repl to an Organization is irreversible.
  • If your Repl is deployed you should experience zero downtime, the deployed service will not change, and the URLs to your deployment will not change.

You will only be able to transfer the Repl if:

  • you have permission to view and delete the Repl
  • you have permission to create Repls in the target Organization
  • you have permission to deploy Repls in the target Organization


  • Get your Organization ID by visiting your Org's home dashboard and copying the ID at the end.

    For example, the Organization ID in is a1b23c

  • Copy the URL(s) of the Repl(s) you want to transfer.

  • Go to the org transfer-repls CLUI tool.

  • Provide the Organization ID and Repl(s) (space separated) and submit the request.

  • The output will indicate whether the transfer was successful. Visit your Organization homepage, Repls and Deployments to verify the transfer. You might need to refresh the page for it to update.

Occasionally, a Repl might fail to redeploy. This will not cause downtime for your deployment. You can rerun the transfer on the Repl again or redeploy from the Deployments pane.

Contact us at with any questions or concerns.

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