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CLUI, the Graphical CLI

Command Line User Interface, often referred to as the CLUI is an interactive command bar from which you can perform a variety of actions. There are three variations of the CLUI located across Replit: Account, Shortcuts, and Workspace.


The Account CLUI allows you to view and manage your account & teams, view warnings you've been issued, restore deleted Repls, and more. Get started by navigating to the CLUI page. Type in the input to search for a command, and hit Enter to execute it.

Account CLUI

Command Reference

account: Manage your account


View warnings you have been issued.


Change your username (this can only be done once).

trash: List and restore deleted repls

restore <title>

Restore a deleted repl by its title. If multiple repls exist with the same name, the most recently deleted repl will be restored.


View your most recently deleted repls.

team: View and manage your teams


View the members of a team you are in by its username.


Forks an existing Repl to create a Team Project.

clear: Clears the screen


Clears the screen of all past commands you've executed.


The Shortcuts version of the CLUI can be accessed from the top navigation bar on most Replit pages. Use the keyboard command CMD/CTRL + K to open it up at any time or click on it.

Shortcuts CLUI

Command Reference

Allows you to search Replit for Repls, Templates, Code, People, and more.


Create a new Repl.

My Repls

Browse through and easily navigate to your Repls.

My Code

Search through the code in all of your Repls.


The Workspace CLUI allows you to quickly perform operations, access Tools, find files, or search for terms in your code.

You can access the Workspace CLUI with the keyboard shortcut CMD/CTRL + K at any time in the Workspace. Alternatively, you can click on the Search icon in the upper-left corner of the page.

Workspace CLUI

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