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ยท 2 min read
Conner Ow

Welcome back to the Changelog!

In the past two weeks we merged 750 pull requests. Our top contributor this week is Phil MacEachron who landed 55 merged pull requests.

Ghostwriter Chat

Ghostwriter Chat

All Ghostwriter subscribers now have access to Ghostwriter Chat, which lets you talk to a conversational AI pair programmer that has the context of your project. Ghostwriter Chat also comes with a debugger that can identify and assist in resolving errors (Ghostwriter Debugger is only available in Python and JS-based Repls).


We have a new plan, Pro, which comes with some amazing benefits such as additional storage (10GiB), an even faster development environment (4GiB RAM and 4 vCPUs), and all of Ghostwriter's features (including Ghostwriter Chat for a limited time)!

Compare all our plans here.

shiny hacker pro


Replit Extensions have been released to Explorers. You can now install an Extension in the Workspace from the store. If you want to build an Extension, join the waitlist for the Extension Developer Beta.

adding an extension

New Replit Badge

Nathan Pham, one of our interns, updated the "Made with Replit" badge, which you can add to any of your Replit projects (it comes by default on all HTML/CSS/JS Repls).

new badge