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Dave Madden

This week we merged 441 pull requests, pushed 1,172 commits, and added 49,440 lines of code to our codebases. See what we shipped: πŸ‘‡

What we shipped​

Matt and Madison made all the fast things...even faster​

Last week Bradley found a way to cut's p95 latency in half.

This week it appears that Madison and Matt Iselin have cut latency in half again!

Take a look at this chart and see if you can tell when we shipped the changes:

a graph of's p95 latency

What does this mean for you? It means the slowest 5% of requests to now respond in 1/4 the time they did two weeks ago. And we're not done.

Editor's Note: if you say "Madison" and "Matt Iselin" one right after another a few times, they sound exactly the same. This has been extremely confusing for us at times (on account of them actually being two different people), so we thought we should do our civic duty and spread our confusion by sharing it.

The mobile app keeps getting better​

It’s been three weeks since we launched our amazing mobile app, and we’ve been hard at work making it even better!

  • Laima and Abdel added the ability to give your Repl a name as you're creating it.
  • Ian fixed a bug with the Git plugin so now you can incorporate your version control workflows in mobile without issue!
  • Ian also fixed a bug where the workspace wouldn't scroll to the correct position when the keyboard was open.
  • Matthew fixed a bug where, if an Android user's primary browser was FreeAdblocker, the browser would prevent them from being able to log in to the Replit app. Now the app overrides the default browser for a smooth login!

What we polished​

  • Giuseppe shipped performance improvements to Ghostwriter's Explain Code feature.
  • Samip and Muhammad deployed batched codegen to help reduce latency for all our Ghostwriter features.
  • Larry and Aman shipped the just-in-time Cycles purchase experience for Power Ups to make it easier to get started with Ghostwriter.
  • Eddie made your favorite teacher's day with some substantial quality-of-life improvements to Teams for Education including the ability to copy courses and solutions to the next year.

Behind the Repls​

Jesse conquered the Dome (again)​

Those of you who've written into Replit Support have probably exchanged emails with Jesse. (It's possible those emails contained references to a certain book, but we'll talk about that another time.) What you may not know about Jesse is that he's an accomplished rock-climber, who spent last weekend climbing Half Dome.

Just take a look at this. Yes, these are actual pictures of an actual Jesse climbing the actual rock:

Jesse climbing Half Domethe sun setting as Jesse climbs

This made Replit Founding Engineer Faris extremely uncomfortable until Talor helpfully reminded him that "less people die climbing than they do not climbing." This made Faris feel better and all was right with the world for a moment.