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Bardia Pourvakil

SHPNG SZN is still in full gear with new features, bug fixes and polish abound! (shameless plug for our swag shop where you can cop some SHPNG SZN gear)

In the last two weeks, we merged 762 pull requests, here are the highlights:


Last week, we officially launched Replit's first marketplace, Bounties! Describe your task —> get software built by Replit's top creators. Check out a case study on how Deel used Bounties to get an internal site built in just one week.

As a Replit community member, you can earn Cycles by completing Bounties. Learn more here.

Example Bounty

Huge shout out to the Bounties team for their hard work on this project: Michael Hadley, Talor Anderson, Søren Rood, Aman Mathur, and Horacio Lopez.

Status Manager

We just launched a Status Manager, where you can see all your running Repls: restart, kill, see logs, etc, it's awesome! Read more about it here on our blog, from its makers: Joe Thom and Lincoln Bergeson.

Status Manager

Mobile App

  • Added a keyboard toolbar to the shell to allow for key inputs that aren't available on mobile keyboards like Esc, Tab, Ctrl — Matthew Chen
  • Added ability to accept Ghostwriter suggestions in the keyboard toolbar when in the editor — Ian Kirkpatrick
  • Added owner username to Repl cards and made language icons more prominent — Abdel Rahman Elleithy



  • Added red indicator when there are unread messages in Chat and Threads — Moudy Elkammash
  • Fixed issue with .pedit files where mousing down outside and then mousing up inside the canvas caused a crash — Tiga Wu
  • Added multiselect modifier key setting in Settings — Xiaoyi Chen
  • Updated tabs to scroll into view when they become active — Moudy Elkammash
  • Switched default to position of new panes to top right instead of top left if there are two panes open — Tyler Angert
  • Added a keyboard shortcut indicator to the hover state of the CLUI button (magnifying glass) in the header — Giuseppe Burtini
  • Fixed incorrect shortcut reference for Workspace Shortcuts in the Help menu from Ctrl+. on Windows/Linux to Ctrl+K — Giuseppe Burtini
  • Fixed issue with autocomplete popover positioning displaying on iPads — Alexandre Cai
  • Fixed issue with unwanted text selection while dragging — Moudy Elkammash
  • Disabled code formatter when code intelligence setting is toggled off — Toby Ho


All courtesy of Arnav Bansal:

  • Fixed issue where Threads weren't live updating
  • Fixed issue with up/down arrow keys not working in Threads input field
  • Updated links in Threads to open in a new tab rather than replacing your Replit session


All courtesy of Xiayoi Chen:

  • Added the ability to drag and drop multiple files/folders
  • Updated colors of active files/folders in the file tree to grey-ish from blue
  • Redesigned hover states when dragging and dropping files/folders
  • Made borders of selected files/folders flush when multiselecting
  • Fixed stuttering when dragging to move files and folders
  • Added the ability to drag one or multiple files to a pane or the pane header
  • Fixed issue with search term that appears in the folder name highlighting matches in the file name


  • Fixed text truncation bug on recent Repls titles on home page — Joe Thom
  • Redesigned notice, confirmation, and error toasts — Conner Ow
  • Fixed 100 Days of Code streak logic to account for daylight savings time — Madison Fitch
  • Added Tutorial Jam winning tutorials to the Learn page — Phil MacEachron
  • Standardized page widths for the Home, Templates, Community, Teams, Learn, and Curriculum pages — Moudy Elkammash
  • Redesigned Repl cards on the My Repls page — Omar Abdul-Rahim
  • Add support for @username handles for YouTube social links in user profiles — Shane Vandegrift
  • Fixed incorrect background styling of tags section on Following feed items — Mathurah Ravigulan
  • Fixed mobile responsiveness for tutorial cards on the Learn page — Phil MacEachron
  • Prevented public search indexing of Repls published less than 24 hours ago or have less than 1 like — Jeremy Press

Teams for Edu

  • Updated student projects to hide .tutorial folder — Xiaoyi Chen
  • Fixed a bug in group submissions where the team's name for students instead of the student's username — Ted Summer


As our code editor runs on CodeMirror, we thought you should know about upstream fixes we've pulled down. Arnav recently upgraded us to all the latest CodeMirror packages, which came with the following notable changes:

  • Fixed a bug that caused deletion commands on non-empty ranges to incorrectly return false and do nothing, causing the editor to fall back to native behavior
  • CSS completion now supports a number of additional recent and semi-standardized pseudo-class names
  • Deprecated HTML tags have been removed from completions
  • Made JS completionPath handle ?. syntax
  • Added proper indentation handling of Python else clauses in try statements
  • Work around a Chrome bug where it inserts a newline when you press space at the start of a wrapped line
  • Align rectangularSelection's behavior with other popular editors by making it create cursors at the end of lines that are too short to touch the rectangle
  • Fixed an issue where coordinates on mark decoration boundaries were sometimes taken from the wrong side of the position
  • Prevent scrolling artifacts caused by attempts to scroll stuff into view when the editor isn't being displayed
  • Fixed a crash when trying to scroll something into view in an editor that wasn't in the visible DOM
  • Fixed an issue where content on long wrapped lines could fail to properly scroll into view.