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· 3 min read
Conner Ow

Welcome to the first edition of Replit Updates in 2023!

In the past two months, the Replit engineering team shipped tons of new features and merged a whopping 2311 pull requests!

In just the past week, 253 pull requests have been merged. Congrats to our top contributor Madison Fitch with 115 commits. Let's dive into some of the major features we released to production!


We've partnered with Neon to give you the power to connect to a PostgreSQL database from within your Repl. In the Tools section of the left sidebar, you should see an elephant icon which will open up the PostgreSQL pane.


Setting up a database has never been easier! Hit the button to set up your database, and your Secrets will automatically be populated to get the database up and running.

environment vars

You can use an ORM like Prisma or Sequelize as well. Or if you like writing raw SQL, we support that too. Now you've got a powerful database fueling the fire of your latest and greatest Repl!


Feeling generous? You can now tip your favorite creators with Cycles and earn them from others by creating awesome content.


On top of the ability to give Cycles to others, there is a global leaderboard showcasing the most generous community members.

tipping leaderboard

Custom Themes

To finish off 2022, we released the most-requested feature of all time—Themes. Now you can create your own theme or explore and apply Themes created by your fellow community members.

custom themes

Cycles Transaction History

On the Cycles page, you will now notice a new Transactions tab.

cycle transactions

The Transactions tab shows the amount of Cycles going in and out of your account, as well as a detailed account of what you spent your Cycles on—making it easier to organize and track usage.

New Bounties Features

Bounties have now been released to all Replit users. On top of that, a ton of cool features have been added to bounties after the launch.

  • Bounties now have a pre-filled template as part of the posting flow
  • You can now edit your Bounties
  • You can sort Bounty applications by Recommended, Newest, and Oldest
  • You can now escalate and report Bounties to the Moderation team

Taking a look at Amjad Masad's tweets, you will find some crazy and amazing Bounties and case studies.