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February 2024 Updates

· 4 min read
Ornella Altunyan

Welcome to the Replit Changelog.

Last month, we released many new features and improvements designed to boost your productivity, collaboration, and coding experience on Replit. Some of the key highlights include:

  • New AI Chat features - Collaboration, multi-session chat with persistence, session management, and regeneration.
  • Flexible credits - $8 of monthly credits for every Replit Core member, to use on any cloud services beyond the existing quota.
  • First-class pip support - Easily use pip for Python package management.

Explorers: If you want to try new features as soon as they are available, turn on the Explorer role in your Account Settings.


New AI Chat features

Collaboration and multiplayer

The collaborative and multiplayer features of the Replit IDE are now available in the AI Chat Pane. This means you can observe a collaborator when they are in the AI Chat Pane, as well as see their chat sessions associated with the Repl. You can also ask follow-up questions to the AI responses generated based on your collaborator’s prompts.

Multi-session chat with persistence

Create and manage multiple chat sessions when interacting with Replit AI. Create multiple threads to switch between asking for explanations about files in your codebase, generating code for a new feature, and debugging, all without losing your progress.

Multi-session chat

Session management and chat regeneration

You can now toggle between different regenerated AI responses when you switch the AI’s intent or model. Each response given by the AI will be available for your review, and we will pick the correct context to send to our models for follow-up questions and changes.

Regenerate responses

Read the full blog post for more information.


The latest release of the Replit Mobile App contains several new features and improvements, including:

  • A new usage screen in the Account tab that lets you monitor spending on your Replit Deployments
  • More reliable signup and login processes
  • Suggested characters are now shown in the editor for all languages.

Download the latest version of the Replit Mobile App in the App Store or Google Play Store.

Developer experience

Improved .replit file editing

We’ve enhanced the editing experience for .replit files, making it easier for you to configure your projects by introducing intelligent code completion and documentation within the Workspace, powered by Taplo, an LSP server for TOML files. This update aims to simplify the editing process of .replit files, which are crucial for setting project configurations, including binary placements and code completion. The implementation uses a JSON Schema generated from the existing Go codebase.

Read more about these changes on the Replit blog.

Full support for pip and requirements.txt for Python

First-class pip support is now available on Replit, offering an alternative to poetry for Python package management. You can import GitHub repositories that use pip smoothly, as well as switch from poetry to pip by replacing poetry.lock and poetry entries in project.toml with a requirements.txt file in your existing Repls. This release aims to offer additional choices for dependency management during development and deployment, as well as improve the overall Python experience on Replit.

Learn more about this development and future plans on the blog.

New templates


Flexible credits and usage-based billing

We’re introducing usage-based billing and flexible credits to offer developers greater control over their expenses. Replit Core members now receive $8 in flexible credits monthly, applicable across various cloud services. This change, effective January 2024, enhances transparency and allows for continued service beyond plan quotas. An advanced usage dashboard is also available to provide detailed insights into resource consumption, optimizing spend efficiency, especially for those using Autoscale Deployments.

To learn more, check out the blog post or the documentation.


Regional infrastructure

We’ve revamped our infrastructure system by introducing Regional Goval. The transition to a more modular, cluster-based infrastructure increases the reliability and scalability of your work on Replit. This move minimizes downtime and isolates faults more efficiently, ensuring that you experience fewer disruptions. We were also able to complete this migration gradually, without causing any downtime. The new setup enhances system utilization, scalability, and fault tolerance, making the platform more resilient.

Read on about the technical details in the blog post.