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New Console, Packages tool and Ghostwriter Chat

· 2 min read
David Morgan

Over the last month, we've released a bunch of new features to make your experience building on Replit even better. Let's take a look at a few.

Packages Tool Upgrades

The Packages tool has had an upgrade. When you’re working on Python or JavaScript you can queue up the installation of multiple packages, get suggestions from commonly used packages, and you can even resize the pane to better use the real estate.

Ghostwriter now with GPT-4 and better Feedback

Ghostwriter Chat results now use GPT-4 by default, while still allowing you to fall back to the faster models if you need to with a model selector.

You can hit a retry button to try again and get another response, as well as a handy tracker to monitor your usage.

Our devs are using your feedback to make your AI experience better. Now, if you’re impressed or have a critique with a Ghostwriter response, it’s as simple as hitting a button and typing in your feedback.

Deployment Analytics

You now have an upgraded Deployment analytics to pull from, including page views, browsers, devices, and more.

Check them out on the Analytics tab in the Deployments pane.

That’s it for now, check in with us again next month to see what else we’ve shipped!