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Expandable Storage and Filetree Improvements

· 2 min read
David Morgan

Welcome to Replit’s Changelog. Since July 24th there have been 819 pull requests, let’s take a look at eight key improvements.

Expandable Storage

First, Expandable Storage: Repls can now store up to 256GB. Pick a plan, or buy storage à la carte. Train your ML models and don’t worry about the size of your data.

The filetree

We rebuilt the Replit filetree, with a focus on performance and accessibility. Now with quicker interactions when exploring large projects and a more accessible experience with keyboard navigation.

Non-Preemtible VMs

We now use non-preemptible VMs for 100% of Workspace sessions. That means you’ll be 10x less likely to reconnect and lose your flow. All network connections to Repls now run on Google Cloud’s Premium Tier of network service, which is 40%+ faster than Standard.


We've made deployments even better by cutting down the total time to deploy. Repls with a large number of packages deploy 2-3x faster. We’ve also squashed bugs on failed deployments and upgraded the UI and experience.

Keeping Secrets… Secret

We’ve done more to ensure your API keys remain secret. Now, if you paste something that looks like an API key into your code, we'll remind you to add it to your Secrets instead, so we can keep it safe for you.

Persistent Undo and Redo

Undo and redo actions now persist between reloads. If you ever need to reload your Repl, you’ll find that picking up and continuing with your work is now much easier as your CMD + Z muscle memory will be preserved.


You can now add vertical rulers in your Settings pane. You can set these at any character length you want and even have multiple active on screen at once.

Thanks for reading the changelog, we’ll be back in another few weeks with more updates that make Replit the fastest way to go from idea to product.