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Storage, Inline Ghostwriter, and Ports

· 2 min read
Conner Ow

Welcome back to another edition of the Replit Changelog!

In the past three weeks, we merged a total of 823 Pull Requests.

Account-Level Storage

Account-level Storage shown in Resources

Repls were previously limited to a storage limit of 1GB each. This made it difficult and sometimes even impossible to run larger projects on Replit.

The maximum storage capacity of a Repl has been bumped from a single Gigabyte to 256GiB.

Read more on the Blog Post

Inline Ghostwriter

Ghostwriter's Code Generation and Code Transformation features have gotten a major upgrade and now appear inline with your code rather than a popover that blocks your view.

Inline Transformation

Select a portion of code, right-click, and select Edit Code. Submit a prompt and Ghostwriter will show you a code suggestion in the form of a diffed view. You can toggle between Comparison mode, your original code, and Ghostwriter's suggestion.

Inline Transform

Inline Code Generation

Similarly to Code Transformation, Right-click and select Generate Code. Enter a prompt and Ghostwriter will provide a suggestion.

Inline Generate

Host Redirection

To expose a web output, you are required to run an HTTP port on the host If this is not the case, no web output will be forwarded.

If you accidentally run an HTTP port on the wrong host, you will get a popup indication.

Host Redirection

Editor Preferences Redesign

We've redesigned the Settings pane to use a cleaner and more intuitive design. Keybinds now have their own tab so as not to take up so much space.

Settings Redesign

New Extensions Store

In and outside of the workspace, we've updated the Extensions Store to look and perform a lot better. Additionally, you can sort and filter extensions to find the one you need instead of scrolling through hundreds of them.

New Extensions Store

Repl Multi-Deletion

You can now select and delete multiple Repls at the same time rather than deleting each one individually. Hover over a Repl and select it by clicking on the checkbox on the left.

Selection Start

After selecting the desired Repls for deletion, press the Trash icon to delete them.