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Git, Minimap, and Polish

· 2 min read
Conner Ow

Welcome back to another edition of the Replit Changelog!

In the past month, we merged a total of 928 Pull Requests.


We just launched a new Git UI in all Repls that provides everyone with a seamless and powerful version control experience. To get started using this new feature, check out its documentation page.

Git UI


All code files now have a Minimap available. You can enable the minimap under the Settings pane.


Minimap Setting


You can now customize different actions in the Replit Workspace with Keybind Customization. Navigate to the Settings pane and turbowarp your workflow. See here for a detailed list of customizable functions.


IDE Landing Page Redesign

If you're a fan of Web Design, you'll be thrilled to hear that we modernized our landing page for the IDE. Check it out at

Secrets Redesign

We've redesigned and improved the experience for storing secrets and environment variables. You can now copy keys and values without having to edit the secret.


Colored Tools

You'll notice a burst of color when you open up the Tools dock in the Workspace. Each individual Tool now has a unique and distinguishable color assigned to it.

Colored Tools