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Bounties Chat, Deployments, and LSP

· 2 min read
Conner Ow

Welcome back to another edition of the Replit Changelog!

In the past two weeks, we merged a total of 880 Pull Requests.

Bounties Chat

We've implemented a realtime chat system where bounty posters and bounty hunters can communicate. Simply click the Chat button if you are actively working on/monitoring a bounty, and start communicating seamlessly on-platform.

Bounty Chat


Many users are familliar with their Repls restarting, crashing, going to sleep, and taking forever to wake up. Replit Deployments gives you the ability to host a stable project, which stays awake by default.

Hit the Release button in the top-right corner of your Repl to release your project to the world.

To get started with Deployments, check out the documentation.


LSP Indicator

LSP (Language Server Protocol) can massively impact your coding experience. It offers code snippets, intellisense, and more. We've added a small indicator that lets you know if you are connected to LSP.

If the indicator shows that an error occurred, you can simply refresh the LSP by clicking on the indicator instead of restarting the Repl and refreshing the page.

LSP Indicator

Extensions & Devtools

Instead of having to manually update your manifest file when developing an extension, you can now use the Developer Tools to edit metadata.

Developer Tools for editing metadata

You can also publish your extension to the store with the click of a button.

Publish an extension