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Spotify API tutorials

The folks over at Data Designs have created some interactive Replit tutorials based around building projects on the Spotify API. You can find them below.

Spotify API project 1: Simple online mixtape

During this hands-on tutorial you'll learn how to use Python to:

  • collect data from web-based APIs
  • create a data-driven web application

You'll be working with the Spotify API to complete your own web app, using the MixTape template and Replit database. Here's a completed example.

Spotify API project 2: Song seeder and analytics web app

This tutorial follows on from the MixTape tutorial

  • Object-oriented programming (creating classes and methods)
  • Processing, aggregating and analysing data using pandas
  • Data visualisation using chartify (a package based on bokeh)

Here's an example of the finished app.

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