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Checklist: Getting Started with Teams for Education

For Organization Admins:

  1. Start by signing up for a Team for Education. Now you are an organization admin and can view all of the teams within your organization.
  2. Create a “home” team and invite all of the teachers who will be using Replit with you to join it.
  3. Once they’ve joined your home team, assign them all “Admin” roles. Doing so will give them the ability to create new teams within your organization!
  4. Now, any teacher who is an admin in your home team will be able to create their own teams!

For Teachers:

  1. Click on “Add Team” to begin creating your first team. Now you’re the team owner!
  2. Give your team a username. (Don’t worry, you can always update your team’s display name later!)
  3. Invite your students and TAs. Only the team owner can assign user roles.
  4. Now you can begin creating projects and assignments for your students to complete! You can build your own projects from scratch, import them from your colleagues or other teams, or import them from the Replit Curriculum Hub!