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Lesson and Instructions Authoring

Teachers may create read-only instructions for their students to follow as well as admin-only lesson plans to keep as notes and share curriculum with their peers using the Curriculum Authoring tool in their Team Project file tree.

Instructions and Lesson Plan files are written in markdown. You can find a handy guide to markdown here!

To add Lesson Plan and Instructions files to your project, click on the book icon 📖 in the far-left toolbar, and click on "Add Lesson Contents".

Adding lesson contents

Curriculum Authoring tools in the file tree


Instructions are view-only documents meant to provide guidance for students as they work on their projects. They are editable by Team admins in the instructions.md file.

Students will see the instructions in the pane next to their text editor.

Student view of the Instructions tab

Lesson Plans

Lesson Plans are accessible only to admins in the lessonplan.md file. They are meant to provide speaker notes for individual teachers or guidance for teachers who may share curriculum with their peers or in the Curriculum Hub.

Do not place project solutions in the Lesson Plan.


The Assets folder contains images and other files to be used in the Instructions and Lesson Plans.

You can embed images from your Assets folder into your curriculum files like so: ![Image alt text](assets/imagename.png)