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Creating projects and assignments

Teams for Education include both Team Projects and Team Repls.

  • Team Projects are visible and editable only by the teacher and each individual student or student group. These are great for assignments and group projects in which each student/group needs to work independently.

  • Team Repls are visible and editable to everyone on the Team. These are great for collaborative coding exercises such as pair programming challenges and code-alongs.

We are phasing out Team Repls beginning on September 1, 2021 and will completely remove them on November 1, 2021. We are committed to migrating customers to our Teams Pro product free of charge if this decision makes using Replit untenable for you. Please contact us if you require support or have any questions.

Creating Team Projects

From your team dashboard, create a new project.

Create project button

Select project language, title, description, due date, and whether this will be a group project. You'll be redirected to the IDE to add any comments, tests, and initial coding blocks you'd like your students to start from. You'll assign groups when you publish the project.


When you are done editing your project and it is ready to be published, click "Publish project" from the IDE.

Project publish button

A modal appears, where you can toggle the project between "Published" and "Unpublished".

Submitting Student Work

When students have completed their work on the project, they click "Submit" in the IDE header, which will notify all teachers of their submission. Students may continue working on projects and resubmit them after hitting "Submit."

Project submit