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Introduction to Teams Pro

Teams Pro is a new and revolutionary approach to working, collaborating, and building. It's a shared repo for your entire team (and potential new team members), making it easier for you to work together.

The platform it is built around four cornerstones which we used to inform its features:

1. Build

  • You can program and dogfood anything from a small script to building out a full MVP
  • You can interview candidates easily and efficiently, thanks to guest mode
  • You can connect to GitHub, to push or pull all your code
  • Your team can focus purely on programming, without worrying about the rest

2. Collaborate

  • Threads allow you to have asynchronous conversations across all repls so that feedback and conversations are never lost. You can highlight specific lines of code or writing, and assign a comment.
  • Multiplayer allows your team to work together on any repl, all at once or at different times. This is a great way to knowledge share and debug, or just build!
  • Who's coding? provides a live view of what your team is working on, which helps teammates understand if they should jump in and give input as needed.

3. Host

Teams Pro allows you and your organization to host internal tools, blogs, scripting tools, and endless more possibilities. Our internal tool

4. Fun

  • Teams Pro really allows team work to turn into dream work
  • Markdown puts the power in your hands; you can do everything from meeting minutes and post-mortems, to user interviews
  • Prototype and plan with excalidraw files
  • You can create design docs and brainstorming sessions by combining .md and .draw files
  • You can also use it as a knowledge base (one source of truth for the whole team)

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