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Interviewing Candidates with Guest Mode

You can use Replit to conduct technical interviews. The Teams Pro guest feature lets you pair prorgram with candidates so you can work with them or observe them in real time.

This tutorial will provide a step-by-step guide on how to conduct a technical interview using Teams Pro. Watch the video or read the text below.

Steps to follow:

We'll cover how to:

  • Create a repl
  • Invite candidates
  • Observe candidates

Step 1 - Create a repl

To create an interview, you need to be in a team as an admin. See the documentation here to find out how to create a team with Replit.

Navigate to the 'Teams' page. Under the 'Team Repls' section click on the 'Create team repl' button and the following popup window will appear:

create repl

You can choose the template language you will be using for the interview and choose a suitable name, then click the 'Create repl' button at the bottom.

Once the repl has been created, you will be able to add the relevant files required for the interview. In this example, we've put the instructions for the candidate to follow during the interview in the main.py file.

interview challenge

Step 2 - Invite candidates

Once you have written your challenges, you can invite candidates by clicking on the invite button on the top-right corner on the window.

repl invitation

You can invite candidates by email directly or by you can generate a join link to share with candidates. Candidates will get a notification of the invite. They will need to sign up for a Replit account before they can accept the invite to the team repl.

invite notification

Step 3 - Observe candidates

Once candidates join the interview, they will be able to access the challenges in the provided files (e.g. main.py) in read and write mode.

You as the interviewer can observe the candidates as they complete the challenges.

By clicking on the round icon next to the invite button on the top-right corner, you will be able to observe the candidate's repl and see as they work on their main.py file. The round icon, represents the candidate in the interview.

interview window

Candidates can also view your IDE in the same way. This lets them see the changes you want them to make or new intructions you want to add.