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How do I get started with Teams for Education?

Here is an introduction tutorial on Teams for Education.

How do I manage team members in a team?

You can invite teachers and students to a team. Additionally, you can change user roles for teachers in order for them to have admin access to the subscription to create their own teams, create projects, etc.

How do I create a team project?

Team Projects are projects and assignments that teachers can set up with starter code, instructions, and materials for their students. When starting a Team Project, students duplicate their own, private versions of the Team Projects to edit and customize freely.

How do I auto-grade projects?

One option is input/output testing which allows a teacher to create simple tests that automatically match input values to expected output in student projects. Teachers can also create unit tests which allows a repl author to create code-driven tests that compare actual function output with expected output.

How do I know if Replit is compliant with my school's compliancy standards?

Replit Teams for Education is COPPA/FERPA compliant. You can learn more about privacy in our privacy FAQs.

I am having trouble with portions of Replit being blocked by my school's servers. What do I do?

Share our IT Administrators Tooolkit with your IT department to ensure Replit runs smoothly for your team.

Addtionally, if your school previously blocked to filter all internet content, you can now unblock it to allow unrestricted access to all of Replit. All objectionable and NSFW content will be blocked by default. You can read more about this update on our blog.