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Expandable Storage

Expandable Storage provides you with account-wide storage, where your Repls can take up as much space as you have on your account. This is great for storing large amounts of data.

Viewing Your Storage Usage

To monitor your storage usage, visit the usage page at You'll see your current storage quota and the amount you've used.

Storage Quota Based On Plan

Your storage quotas are determined by your chosen subscription plan:

  • Free: 10GiB
  • Replit Core: 50GiB

Visit our pricing page to learn about each plan's features.

Previous 1GiB storage limitation is no longer enforced.
Storage limits are now account-wide. Each Repl can use any amount of your available account storage without the previous 1GiB restriction.

What If I Go Over My Storage Limit?

If you are a Replit Core member you will be charged based on the amount of excess storage you use during the billing period.

If you are a Starter plan user, you will have to upgrade to Replit Core to use additional storage.

Upgrading your plan increases your account-wide storage limit, providing more storage for your Repls.

Managing Storage

If you've reached your storage limit, consider upgrading your plan as described above, or free up space by deleting files from your Repls or removing individual Repls.

Scratch Disk

Every Repl also has a separate filesystem attached to it called the Scratch Disk. Scratch Disk storage is temporary storage used for package installation or to store temporary files. It is reset regularly.

Every Repl has a base Scratch Disk quota of 2 GiB, though using space beyond that will consume account storage while you're using the Repl.

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