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Git workflows and commands

The most crucial features of Git to learn are the basic Git workflow and commands, such as cloning a repository, creating and switching between branches, committing changes, and pushing and pulling from a remote repository. Understanding these basic concepts and commands will enable you to use Git effectivelv for your Replit projects.

Here's a guide of common Git workflows and example commands for them:

Cloning a repository

This creates a local copy of a remote Git repository.

Example command: git clone <repository url>

Creating and switching between branches

This allows you to work on multiple versions of a project.

Example commands: git branch branch name> and git checkout <branch name>

Committing changes

This saves your progress on a project.

Example command: git commit -m ‹commit message>

Pushing and pulling from a remote repository

This synchronizes your local repository with the remote repository.

Example commands: git push and git pull.

Branching and merging

This allows you to create separate branches of a project and merge your changes back into the main branch.

Example commands: git branch <new branch name> and git merge <branch to merge>

Resolving merge conflicts

This is the process of resolving conflicts that can arise when multiple users make changes to the same file in a repository.

Example commands: git merge --abort and git merge --continue

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