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Introduction to the Workspace

The Workspace is like an IDE (Integrated Development Environment), providing a comprehensive set of development tools and features for creating, debugging, and managing your software. It helps you quickly and easily create, modify, and collaborate on your code.

How to create a Repl

A Repl (derived from REPL—"read-eval-print loop") is an interactive programming environment where you can write and execute code in real-time. To create one, navigate to Replit and click the create button in the sidebar.

create a Repl

Next, give your Repl a name and choose the Template you want to use. You can also directly import a GitHub repository.

To import a GitHub repository, read our docs here.

name and choose template

Congratulations! You've just created a Repl!

The sidebar

Navigate between files and folders easily using the file navigator in the sidebar. Repls come with syntax highlighting and autocompletion to make coding easier. And you can access helpful resources such as documentation from the Tools section for extra support.

The file tree

Quickly locate and access files in your project using the file tree, an organized navigation system that displays the hierarchical structure of your project with each file and folder clearly labeled. The file tree offers a comprehensive view of the structure of your project and lets you modify any file immediately.


You can find Tools in the sidebar, like the Shell, Console, Secrets, and other helpful utilities for your Repl.

Repl Resources

Monitor your Repl's storage, memory, and processing capacity in real time using the Repl Resources section in the sidebar.

Tabs and panes

Files and Tools are displayed in the workspace using tabs and panes. A tab is a single file or tool, while a pane can contain multiple files and tools.

Run your code

To execute your code, select the Run button. You can also use the Shell to run a custom command or modify the .replit file to alter the initial run command. Check out the Configuring a Repl doc to learn how to customize the way your Repl runs even further.

The spotlight page

The spotlight page is how others can view and interact with your Repl.


Replit's multiplayer feature allows users to collaborate on code simultaneously in real-time.

Now you are ready to build. Get started with one of our templates. If you need more help, reach out to the Replit community for assistance.

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