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Repl Resources

You can find the current resource usage of your Repl in the bottom of the workspace sidebar. This includes the amount of RAM, CPU, and Storage currently being used by your Repl to run your code, the LSP, and other background services.

opening the Resources panel

Why Monitor Repl Resources?

It's important to monitor your resource usage to ensure that your Repl has enough resources to run smoothly. If you notice that your resource usage is consistently high, it may make sense to use a Boost to increase the resources your Repl can use, or make changes to your code so your program uses less resources.

resources panel

High Resource Usage

You might be unsure about what high resource usage means, or why it is happening. It's important to remember that high resource usage is not necessarily a bad thing. As long as your experience in the workspace or your app is not degraded, high resource usage not a signal of something wrong.

But if you do notice that your resource usage is consistently high and your experience with Replit is being affected, you may want to consider upgrading your Repl specs with Boosts, that can be activated using Cycles. With a Boost, you can 4-8x the CPU and RAM of your Repl, allowing for resource-intensive programs without affecting your or your end users' experience.