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Accessibility Features

We believe computing is for everyone. Read our committment to accessibility here. Having trouble using Replit? Talk to us at [email protected].

Announce Console and Shell Output with Screen Reader

By default, you cannot interact with Replit's Console and Shell using screen readers or assistive technology. You can enable screen reader announcements by following the steps below:

  1. Navigate to your Repl.
  2. Once the Repl has loaded, navigate to the toolbar named “Dock” or “Tools”.
  3. Select the “Settings” Item in the toolbar.
  4. Navigate to the “Settings” Pane by jumping to the heading named “Settings”
  5. At the end of the list of settings, there is an “Accessible Terminal” setting. toggle it on.
  6. Next time that you run code, the output of the code will be announced audibly. For example, print("Hello World") in Python will print Hello World to the Console tab, and it will be announced by the screen reader.

We're working hard to bring fully-fledged keyboard navigation to Replit. Refer to our Keyboard Shortcuts reference for details.