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Using repl history

To help ensure you never lose work, Replit auto-saves your code as you write. If you ever lose an edit to your code that you'd like to recover, repl history is there to help.

How to Access History

A repl's history is located at, but you can reach the same page by:

  • Choosing "History" from the three-dot menu for that specific repl (from the My Repls page) or
  • Clicking on the rewind button located in the top navigation bar inside the repl.

Using History

A repl's history will show the individual changes to a file, in order from most recent. Clicking "change file" next to the file name will bring up a prompt to select the desired file. Selecting a file with a particular time and date will reveal the code differences between that revision and the latest code.


To restore a previous revision of code, select the desired revision and click "Restore" in the top-right corner of the screen.


Here's a short gif demonstrating repl history in action:

History usage demo