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GhostWriter FAQ

Replit’s GhostWriter is available in private beta now! GhostWriter will become a paid feature in the coming months. We’re offering free access for now so we can learn more and make it better. Find answers below to some questions about GhostWriter and Replit’s policies.

What is GhostWriter?

Replit GhostWriter is an artificial intelligence engine that auto-completes code you’re working on. It helps you develop code faster by recommending code instantly. At launch, GhostWriter will be available as part of AI Mode, currently in private beta for invited Replit users.

How does GhostWriter work?

GhostWriter tries to guess what you would write next by analyzing code you’ve already written along with clues like what language you’re coding in and packages you’ve installed. Suggestions can be single lines of code, whole functions, or even an entire program. You can accept or reject suggestions. GhostWriter learns from your interactions and uses those learnings to improve its ability to make suggestions over time.

Which programming languages does GhostWriter support?

GhostWriter supports all languages we support at Replit although suggestions may vary.

Can I turn off GhostWriter?

Yes. You can turn off GhostWriter at any time in Settings in the Replit workspace. Today, GhostWriter is part of Replit AI Mode.

What data was used to train GhostWriter?

Replit created GhostWriter based on Salesforce’s CodeGen, an open-source AI large language model trained on publicly available code. We made further improvements to speed up the model and train it further.

How good is GhostWriter?

We’re developing GhostWriter to be faster, more powerful, and more accessible than any other comparable offering. GhostWriter is constantly getting better. We welcome your feedback. Of course, you should always review the code that GhostWriter suggests - no coder, human or machine, is perfect.

How can I help?

Use GhostWriter and share your feedback using the “feedback” link with Replit as you code. You should also report bugs (offensive output, code vulnerabilities, unwanted data) to our Support team at Replit works and ships fast, takes trust and safety seriously, and we are committed to improving our products and always getting better.

Is code I write on Replit shared through GhostWriter?

No. Code you author yourself will not be reused as a GhostWriter suggestion. GhostWriter is based on an open-source large language model. As we develop and improve GhostWriter, we may offer options to Replit users on providing feedback or helping Replit improve GhostWriter and AI coding for everyone.

Does GhostWriter change my rights for code I write on Replit?

No. As was the case before Replit launched GhostWriter, code in public Repls is automatically subject to the MIT License. Check out Licensing Information for details. To check if a given Repl of yours is public or private, go to Managing Public and Private Repls.

What data is collected when I use GhostWriter?

To work as an online development environment, Replit collects your interactions with the service and data that you input, so we can display and run your software. Like any online service, we analyze this data so that we can provide and improve our services.

Where can I learn more about Replit privacy and data protection?

For more information about how Replit processes personal data, please see our Privacy Policy.