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If Boosts aren't enough, you can add GPUs to your Repls to make them even more powerful.

GPUs enable your Repl to process more data, which can be helpful for machine learning, 3D graphics rendering, video encoding, and other resource-intensive tasks.

You can add a single, dedicated NVIDIA Tesla K80 GPU to any of your Repls with Cycles. The GPU will not be shared with any other Repls.

Adding a GPU to your Repl

GPUs are currently in beta, and only available to Explorers. In order to add a GPU to your Repl from inside the Workspace, you'll need to enable Explorer. To add a GPU:

  1. Navigate to your Repl.
  2. Open the info panel by selecting your Repl's name in the navbar: Showing Repl info panel in the navbar
  3. Open the GPU menu using the toggle and confirm your selection: Showing Repl info panel in the navbar

Your Repl now has an NVIDIA Tesla K80 GPU!