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Getting Started

Ghostwriter currently includes five features:

Complete Code - Ghostwriter's flagship feature. Ghostwriter leverages context to provide code suggestions as you're typing. Press tab to accept suggestions.

Explain Code - Highlight code, and Ghostwriter will walk through it step-by-step in plain English.

Transform Code, and Ghostwriter will provide a suggested rewrite of the code block.

Generate Code - Provide a natural language prompt, and let Ghostwriter generate code to help solve your problem.

Chat - AI assistant that enables users to quickly get answers to their coding-related questions directly in the Workspace, without ever leaving the page.

You can get access to these features with a Pro plan or with Cycles for 1,000 cycles ($10 USD) per month.

Check out our Intro to Ghostwriter course to get started.

Activating Ghostwriter

Ghostwriter can be activated by purchasing a Pro Plan or with Cycles.

The sections below will cover activating Ghostwriter with Cycles.

Once your purchase cycles, you can activate Ghostwriter from A) the Cycles page or B) the Workspace.

Activating Ghostwriter from the Cycles page

  1. Open the Cycles page from the sidebar menu or go to
  2. Purchase cycles—you will need at least 1,000 to activate Ghostwriter.
  3. Once you complete checkout, there will be a section to "Activate" Ghostwriter.
  4. Jump into a Repl, and start programming with Ghostwriter!

Activating Ghostwriter from the Workspace

  1. Click on Try Ghostwriter at the bottom of the Workspace.
  2. Once the menu opens, you will see a section for Ghostwriter.
  3. Select "Use 1,000 Cycles/month"
  4. Complete Stripe checkout (if you do not have any Cycles in your account).
  5. Jump back into the workspace and start programming with Ghostwriter!

Once you have access to Ghostwriter, all of its features will be enabled in the Workspace the next time you code.

Toggling Ghostwriter on and off

To toggle Ghostwriter on and off, navigate to the Cycles page, which can be accessed from the sidebar menu or by going directly to

From there, you will have the ability to toggle Ghostwriter on and off (see below).