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If you want to make your Repls more powerful, you can use the Boost Power Up to increase the number of vCPUs and how much RAM your Repl has.

All Repls come with 0.5 vCPU and 0.5 GiB RAM.

The Hacker and Pro plans come with one 4x Boost (2 vCPUs + 2GiB RAM) you can use on any of your Repls. Both plans also come with a Coding Boost that applies a 4x Boost (2 vCPUs + 2GiB RAM) (Hacker) or a 8x Boost (4 vCPUs + 4GiB RAM) (Pro) to the Workspace you are actively coding in.

You can also boost any of your Repls up to 32x (16 vCPUs + 16GiB RAM) with Cycles.

Boosting your Repl

You can Boost your Repl from inside the Workspace. To activate a Boost:

  1. Navigate to your Repl
  2. Open the info panel by clicking on your Repl's name in the navbar
  3. Open the Boost selection menu by pressing the toggle Screenshot of Boost toggle
  4. Choose one of the options in the Boost selection menu Screenshot of Boost toggle
  5. Press the Activate button

Your Repl is now boosted!