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Roles & permissions

Here's a table of what permissions each role in a Replit Organization has. Team Owners are, by default, the user who created the Team.

Org OwnerOrg AdminTeam OwnerTeam Member (Pro)Student Team Member (Edu)Guest
Add/Remove Seats
Change payment method
Cancel plan
Leave Org
Add others as Org Owners
Add others as Org Admins
Remove Org Owners
Remove Org Admins
Create teams in Org
Join teams in Org
Archive TeamIf created team
Delete TeamIf created team
Rename TeamIf created team
Add team ownersIf created team
Add & remove team membersIf joined team
Create & delete Repls & ProjectsIf joined team
Edit replsIf joined teamIf invited
Add others as Students (edu only)If joined team
Remove students (edu only)If joined team
Open/Submit Projects (edu only)If joined team
Add + remove guests to ReplsIf joined team
Leave Team