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Replit Mobile App

Create, host, and share projects all from your mobile device.

About the Replit Mobile App

The Replit Mobile App is available on Android and iOS.

With the Replit Mobile App, you can code anything, anywhere. You can use the app to write a Python bot, build and launch your personal website, or run any program you can imagine with the power of Nix.

The Replit Mobile App allows you to:

  • Instantly host anything with zero setup deployment
  • Code live with others through real-time multiplayer collaboration
  • Code in any language and any framework
  • Clone and remix projects from over 15 million software creators
  • Set up custom domains for any of your projects
  • Import existing projects from Github with ease
  • Use replAuth to easily configure login for your project's users
  • Use ReplDB to quickly spin up databases for any project
  • All-in-one code editor, compiler, and IDE

Signing up, logging in, and and signing out of accounts

To sign up or log in, you'll first need to download the Replit app on Android or iOS.

To sign up, tap Start coding. You will be redirected to create an account with Replit. You can sign up through email or through Google, Github, Facebook, or Apple.

To log in, tap Already have an account?. You'll be redirect it to log in to your existing account.

To log out, go to your Replit account. Tap Log Out listed under the Other sections of your account. You'll receive a notification prompting you to confirm that you want to log out. Tap Log Out and you'll now be logged out of your Replit account on the mobile app.

Sharing app feedback

To share feedback, you only need to shake your phone. A form will surface with options we've listed below. You can also navigate to your Replit account and tap 'Send App Feedback' listed under the Other section of your account.

From there, select which category your feedback falls under:

  • General Feedback
  • I found a bug
  • I feel that something is slow
  • I have a feature request

Then, describe your feedback in What can we improve? box below. You also have the option to include a screenshot which we recommend.

Features coming soon

The first version of the Replit Mobile App is creation first. You can write, run, and host projects just like you can on the Replit site.

These features are currently unavailable on the mobile app but are coming soon:

  • Repl publishing
  • Community feed
  • Repl cover pages
  • Purchasing Cycles and subscriptions
  • The Learn Hub
  • 100 days of Code
  • Teams management
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