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Reviewing submissions

Leaving Feedback on Projects Using Annotations

Teachers can view project submissions from their team dashboard by clicking "View submissions" next to the project name.

Submissions will show all student projects submitted and in progress. Click "View Repl" to review each student's or group's code.

To review student work in bulk:

  • You can open the Projects Overview from your Team homepage to see all projects and student progress at-a-glance.

  • Hover over the student project to see whether their tests have passed (students must run their tests for this to appear).

  • The Progress column shows percentage of projects submitted.

  • To export the Projects Overview as a CSV file, click on "Export" at the top right of the page.

  • You can navigate from one project to the next by clicking "View Repl" for any project, clicking on the book icon in the left bar, and using the Navigation pane to move between projects.

Leaving feedback on projects using annotations

To leave feedback on your students' work, you can use threads. Threads can be added on projects and team repls, and are an easy way to leave comments on a specific word or line of code.

You can add a thread by highlighting the line where you want to leave the comment. Left-click to view the context menu, and click Start thread.

Start thread pop up

A comment box will pop up towards the right of the code. Type in a comment and press the arrow on the right to save it.

Comment box

The student who created the repl will receive an in-app notification with your comment. They'll be able to reply to the comment or modify the code accordingly.

You can also use familiar markdown syntax in threads and chat.

Here's a quick guide to markdown syntax available in annotation threads:

Markdown syntax in Annotations

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