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Project Solutions

Teachers may create project solutions to reference and provide students with solution code once they have completed the project or the project due date has passed.

Project Solutions - Watch Video

Creating project solutions

To create a project solution, click on the three dots to the right of a Team Project and select "Create Solution". Create solution

This will create a duplicate of the Team Project that is hidden from students. Teachers may add solution code to this repl and run it against their unit and I/O tests.

Publishing project solutions

To publish or update the project solution, click the "Update Solution" button on the top right of the screen.

Select the check boxes to indicate when students will be able to view the solution.

Update solution

Project solutions are hidden from students until:

  • student submits the project
  • student passes all tests
  • after the project due date

project solution reveal settings

Updating and Referencing project solutions

To update or review a project solution, click again on the three dots to the right of the Team Project and select "Update Solution".

Edit the project solution code and click "Update Solution" and "Save" to update the code students will see.

Student View

If the submission is published to students, they can fork the model solution to run, modify, and explore the solution provided by the teacher.

No changes made in their solution fork will ever affect the teacher solution. The solution will remain in a separate repl from the student's project submission.

Students may delete their solution and start over should they choose.

Student view of project solution

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