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Example homework assignments

If you need some inspiration to set homework assignments or enrichment projects for your students, we've put together some guides and full projects that you can use.

Guides and Tutorials

These are higher level guides and walkthrough tutorials that you can use as-is or adapt to your own needs.

Create a Pinboard Project

This is a full tutorial on how to build a pinboard project with Replit. It focuses on front-end coding and uses examples targetted to be more inclusive towards girls when compared to traditional beginner coding project examples, which tend to skew towards appealing more to boys. This is a two part tutorial where Part 1 covers HTML and CSS then Part 2 introduces JavaScript.

How to create a good enrichment coding assignment using Replit

This is a higher-level guide on how to set a good enrichment assignment, using a PyGame project as an example. It contains starter code, example instructions, and some guidelines on what to look for in the solution.

Teach your kid to code

This guide shows you how to get started with teaching your kid to code, showing examples of our different GUI libraries, including Pygame, Python Play, Turtle, and Basic.

Example Repls

These are some examples that you can fork directly. They contain example starter code, model answers, and example instructions for your students.

Harry Potter game with PyGame

A basic game where the player can use their keyboard to move Harry and catch the snitch.

Harry Potter game with Python Play

This is a clone of the above but written in Python Play, our simple GUI library built on top of PyGame.

Python Shopping List

A command-line app which demonstrates Python classes, input, output, and string manipulation.

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