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Intro to HTML & CSS curriculum

Welcome to our web design course. We are providing you with a free set of pick up and play materials that include: course timeline, course outline, a high quality set of teaching slides, teacher notes and engaging activities with premade Replit templates and teacher solutions.

Learners will be introduced to the basics of HTML and CSS through a set of practical lessons that cover paragraph tags, to divs and changing font colour, to exploring gradient colour backgrounds. Each lesson will build learner knowledge of HTML and CSS and ends with an open team task. Learners are given the freedom to be creative and use their knowledge and the skills learnt throughout the course to create a website of their very own.

Feel free to use the curriculum as is, or modify it to fit your needs. If you share these materials (as is or with modifications), please provide attribution to Replit and Toni Scullion, who created the curriculum.

You can find more information and an in-depth overview here.

The Full Curriculum

In this set of lessons, learners will explore the two core languages that are used to build web pages: Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). Learners will be introduced to and explore basic HTML and CSS while also completing challenges and using the knowledge they will develop over the lessons to create their very own web design projects. They will be tasked with three debugging challenges allowing learners to apply their knowledge of HTML and CSS to identify and fix errors in code.

You can find the entire curriculum, including Replit assignments, here

More Resources

  • Here is a video overview of this course.
  • This is the full PowerPoint referenced in the curriculum.

Our Awesome Creator

This course was created by Toni Scullion.

Toni Scullion is a computing science teacher and founder of dressCode, a non-profit charity aspiring to make a dent in the computing science gender gap. She is extremely passionate about teaching computing science and getting more young people into the subject, particularly more girls. Toni works to raise the profile of computing science as a subject in schools, to ultimately help inspire the next generation and get more young people into the work of tech.

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