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Strike system FAQ

I got a warning. What is that about?

A warning is a reminder to be a creative, constructive, and kind member of our Replit community.

Mods will send you a warning when we feel that you have violated a part of the Community Standards, our Terms of Service, or our privacy policy, which you agreed to when you published your first Repl, and when you signed up.

In addition to giving you a warning, we took action in one of the following ways:

  • removed one of your tags on a Repl,
  • unpublished your Repl,
  • removed the cover image of one of your Repls, AND/OR
  • removed one of your comments on Spotlight

How does the strike system work?

⚠️ If you receive 3+ warnings, we may have to take action and temporarily ban your account from the Replit Community.

My Repl just got unpublished. Am I allowed to republish?

Yes, we encourage you to revise your Repl so that it abides by the Community Standards. After that, you may republish your Repl. No hard feelings. 🤝

I think there's been a mistake. Can I talk to someone about this decision?

A: The mods are people and sometimes we make mistakes too. 🙋🏽‍♀️‍️ If anyone believes a moderator has taken any unfair action towards them, they can appeal the action at the moderator contact website. If they are still dissatisfied, they can E-Mail [email protected].

I just got banned. What now?

You can still use Replit for personal use, but you won't be able to participate in the social features of Replit (community, comments on coverview pages). 😔

On a case-by-case basis, the mods team may consider unbanning certain users. If you feel that you are ready to rejoin the community and uphold the guidelines, we are open to discussing. Contact us at [email protected]