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Status Manager


The status manager is where you can keep track of all of your Repls and their uptime. Using it, you can restart your Repls, view uptime logs, and other useful information. Status Manager is located under the "Status" tab on your profile / My Repls page (https://replit/com/@<username>)

status manager page

List View

You can view the uptime status of your Repls ("Awake" or "Asleep") from this list view. You can also start and stop your Repls directly from this page. We also show the duration since the last change in uptime status, i.e. how long a Repl has been awake or asleep for.

top level view

Logs view

You can press the chevron icon of each Repl in the Status Page to view the uptime logs for that Repl. These logs will show the timestamp in your local timezone, and provide "awake" and "asleep" status for each log event.

logs view