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Sharing Your Repl

Ok, so you've built a fantastic project on Replit and are ready to share it. Now what? How do you get your first users? How do you make it stand out?

In this guide, we will cover how to publish your Repl and how to document your project to set it up for success in the community. If you want inspiration for what to build, check out the winning Repls for the Creator Fund, Kajam, or the current trending page.

Let's dive in!

Table of Contents

Publish Your Repl

Awesome! We've just completed our project. This Repl is a Flask app that can say "Hello World" in 5 different languages, and it's ready to get published.

Img 1 - finished Repl

To publish, press the release button in the top right corner of the Workspace. Then, select the "Publish" option.

Img 2 - Release Repl Img 2 - Publish Repl

Make a Clear Title & Description

Clear and straightforward titles capture the community's attention. It should be a sneak peek into what your project is about so that readers can understand enough to want to click through and check out your project.

Good title examples

  • Whack-a-mole Flask App - mentioning your tech stack -- in this case, Flask -- and what your app does -- Whack-a-Mole -- will help attract others that are learning the same tech stack
  • Remy's Adventure - the official title of your game or app works as long as you have a good description to support it (more on that below)

Bad title examples

  • My app - is too vague; try your best to include some context about your project and what it does
  • FREE DOGECOIN - DOWNLOAD NOW - mentioning currencies, free items, or free content that is under copyright could turn other users off and flag your Repl as being against Replit's terms of service

Img 3 - Basics

Next, use your description to give clear instructions on how to use your Repl, provide some background, and have some fun!

A good structure to follow is:

  • First lines - Intro / your project's purpose
  • Next lines - Tips & Instructions on how to use your Repl
  • Final lines - Cool features or backstories

Here's the description for our "Hello World" Repl:

This is a Flask web app that says "Hello World" in 1 of 5 different languages:
- English
- Spanish
- French
- Hindi
- Indonesian

The language is chosen randomly every time the app runs! If you open the website, reload to be greeted in a different language!

Img 4 - Description

Add Tags

Tags are important because they help your Repl get discovered by other community members looking for Repls like yours.

A good rule of thumb is to include tags related to:

  • any competitions your Repl is participating in (e.g. #kajam)
  • the programming languages or frameworks you used (e.g. #python)
  • any Replit features you used (e.g. #kaboomjs #replitdb)

With our "Hello World" Repl, we're going to use #python, #app, #flask, #helloworld, #languages.

Img 5 - Tags

Icon & Cover

Your icon and cover images act like your Repls' thumbnail. Use this space to make your project pop in the community feed.

Img 6 - icon

Make sure your images are relevant to your project and look clean.

Img - good vs bad cover

We recommend these dimensions:

  • 200 x 200 (1:1) for your icon
  • 750 x 250 (3:1) for your cover

Img 7 - cover

If you need help creating an icon, check out websites like Figma or Canva.

Check our content rules

Before you publish, it's a good idea to make sure that you won't be infringing any of Replit's rules. Publishing something that is against our rules can result in you receiving a warning and your Repl being unpublished.

This article contains a summary of our content and behavior rules and how we enforce them.


Awesome! At this point, our Repl is ready to be published!

Img 8 - more

Once a Repl is successfully published, you'll see this message:

Img 9 - success

Growing Your Userbase & Community

Hooray! Our Repl is now out in the wild and ready for users! This is where the fun starts...

Img 10 - Published Repl

Once your Repl is published, share it with friends and followers on places like Twitter, Discord, or TikTok!

We've also seen projects take off on TikTok, where you can post a simple "How To" video like this one or a hype screen recording like this one!

We can't wait to see the amazing projects you'll publish! If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us on our forum or Twitter.

Running into issues or bugs? Contact support here

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