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Hosting Static Web Pages

You can host web pages and static websites on Replit. Every Repl that hosts websites, including web servers, has a unique URL that you can share with others.

After running a Repl, you can find its URL in the Webview tab.

Where to find my Repl's URL?

Repls are hosted with the following URL Pattern:, where REPL-NAME is the name of the Repl and USERNAME is the owner's username.

If you create a Repl with your username as the title (e.g., it will be hosted at:

End of Life for Dot-Style Domains

Note: As of February 17th, 2023, we have switch to using instead of Only users who created their account after the date will have the new URL format. To see which format your account uses, check the URL of your Repl's webview.

How to Update your Website

Changes to your code will only take effect in the live version once you re-run the project. The changes will be reflected immediately if your Repl is an HTML Repl or an auto-refresh template.

Hosted Repl Example

Here is an example of a hosted webpage using p5.js. You can view the live, full-screen version here.

How to Use Custom Domains with Hosted Repls

You can link any hosted, Repl to a custom domain that you own. This includes static sites (HTML Repls) and HTTP servers (any repl with a web server). Check out our documentation here to learn how to use Custom Domains.