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Hosting Static Web Pages

You can host web pages and static websites on Replit. Every Repl that hosts websites, including web servers, has a unique URL that you can share with others.

After running a Repl, you can find its URL in the Webview tab.

Where to find my Repl's URL?

Repls are hosted with the following URL Pattern:, where REPL-NAME is the name of the Repl and USERNAME is the owner's username.

If you create a Repl with your username as the title (e.g., it will be hosted at:

How to Update your Website

Changes to your code will only take effect in the live version once you re-run the project. The changes will be reflected immediately if your Repl is an HTML Repl or an auto-refresh template.

Hosted Repl Example

Here is an example of a hosted webpage using p5.js. You can view the live, full-screen version here.

How to Use Custom Domains with Hosted Repls

You can link any hosted, Repl to a custom domain that you own. This includes static sites (HTML Repls) and HTTP servers (any repl with a web server). Check out our documentation here to learn how to use Custom Domains.