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Enabling Always-on

Repls typically go to sleep after a period of inactivity. To make sure that your repl is restarted, you can use our Always-on functionality.

Note that this function is currently only available on our Hacker plan.

Enabling Always-on

Always-on is controlled by a toggle inside your repl. To enable it:

  1. Navigate to your repl.
  2. open the info panel by clicking on your repl's name.
  3. Enable Always-on by clicking on the toggle at the bottom:

screenshot of Always-on toggle

After Always-on is enabled, you will see a green indicator next to your repl's name:

screenshot of repl with Always-on enabled

That's it! We will run your repl whenever it goes to sleep.

What does Always-on do?

Repls ordinarily do not run unless someone presses the "Run" button or if the repl receives HTTP traffic. Always-on runs your repl when neither of those occur. When running your repl, Always-on will install packages and respect your Run button configuration.

Always-on does not extend your repl's lifetime. All repls are subject to go to sleep at any time. Always-on will, however, immediately run your repl again whenever this happens. If your process exits on its own, Always-on will not restart it. We recommend using Database to persist information outside of your process.