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Monitoring a Deployment

Domains Tab

In the domains tab, you can link your deployment to one or more domains. To start, click the Create Domain Link button:

create domain link button

You can learn more about our domain linking process here. Domains

Your deployment will be accessible via a domain by default. Your deployment's full URL will be <project name>-<username> (, for example).

History Tab

The history tab provides a list of all the deployments you've made. This includes when a deployment was initiated and the ID of the deployment.

deployment history tab

Logs Tab

Viewing the logs for your deployment will help you debug any issues you may have with your deployment. You can view the logs for your deployment by clicking the Logs tab:

deployment logs tab

If you do run into issues with your deployment, refer to this page for how to debug failed deployments.

Settings Tab

From the settings tab, you can update all the info you have configured for your Repl, such as the build command, run command, and environment variables.

deployment settings tab