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Deployments FAQ

How do I debug my Deployment failure?

Please take a look at our troubleshooting guide here.

If you're still having issues, feel free to send an email to or post on

Do I need to be a Replit Core member to use Deployments?

No. While Replit Core will be the best experience, you can alternatively opt to add a card and pay for resource usage directly.

How do I deploy a Repl with a custom domain?

You can connect a custom domain to your deployment by following the steps here.

How does pricing work?

Reserved VMs

Reserved VMs are billed at a fixed rate per hour. The hourly rate depends on the tier you select, with higher tiers having higher prices. You can view the pricing during the deployment process when selecting a tier and on our pricing page.


Autoscale is billed based on your resource usage. Your app's servers automatically scale from zero to any level of demand, and the work the servers do is measured in compute units. Autoscale Deployments only incur usage when actively processing requests.

A compute unit measures both the amount of time and the machine power used (CPU + RAM) to complete a task. A more powerful machine will use more compute units per second while it is running. Each compute unit costs $0.00000125.

In addition to compute units, Autoscale deployments are billed for requests. Requests are charged at $0.4 per million requests. You can always check your current usage at your usage page.

To estimate your monthly cost for Autoscale deployments, visit the pricing calculator on our pricing page.


Static deployments are billed based on outbound data transfer. Replit Core includes 100GB of outbound data transfer per month for Deployments. Outbound data transfer is billed at $.10/GiB.

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