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About Deployments

Deployments are a way to release a snapshot of your Repl, ensuring that changes made within the editor don't disrupt the production build. Customize run and build commands, and connect the deployment to a <app-name> or a custom domain.

What is a Deployment?

A deployment saves your Repl's current state as a "snapshot", and runs it on a shared or dedicated machine. This allows you to share your Repl with others, or host a website or Discord bot with minimal downtime. Unlike publishing to the community, which doesn't host your Repl under a domain and has a wakeup phase when accessed via the cover page, the other deployment options offer different specs and capabilities for your Repl in production.

Why Deploy?

Deployments are useful for a variety of reasons. For example, you can use them to:

  • Host a website or Discord bot with minimal downtime
  • Separate your development environment from your production environment
  • Share a snapshot of your Repl with others

How to Deploy

Deployments are initiated from the Repl editor. Simply click the "Release" button or open the "Deployments" tool to get started.

You can read more about deploying your Repl here.