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Browsing and publishing repls

Apps is a brand new part of Replit where you can easily browse and publish repls for others to run, comment, and fork.

To read more about Apps, check out the blog post here.

Publishing guidelines​

The three 🐝s:

  • Be creative! Post repls that you’re proud of and put thought and energy into.

  • Be constructive! Celebrate each other’s work, build and remix off each other, and offer concrete feedback if you think something can be improved.

  • Be kind! This is a safe community on the internet to build projects and we want to keep it that way. This is a place to learn, so experts and newcomers are equally welcome!

Content rules:

There are a few requirements to publishing to Apps which mainly revolve around content quality and moderation. Many of these rules are similar or identical to the rules on Repl Talk. If you violate any of the rules, your repl may be removed or your account may be banned temporarily from using Apps.

  • Keep it SFW. Keep it clean, or SFW (safe for work). No swearing, nudity, or other profanity is allowed on the platform.

  • No bullying. We have zero tolerance for bullying, trolling, hate speech, racism, sexism, or prejudice of any form. Violation of this rule will result in an immediate ban.

  • Follow the Replit ToS. You are required to follow all of Replit's Terms of Service. This includes not promoting any illegal activity, even unintentionally. We also disallow sharing proxies and similar content for the same reason.

  • Do not share content that can endanger other users or directly violate another platform's ToS. This includes publishing selfbots for Discord.

How to publish​

You can publish either directly from the workspace or from your repl's spotlight page.

Disclaimer: currently, you can't publish repls to Apps if you're a student.

Publish from Workspace​

Clicking publish from Workspace

Publish from Spotlight​

Clicking publish from Spotlight

When you click on either, you'll be able to add a description, cover image, and tags to your repl.​

Filling out publish details

Requirements for publishing​

  • Your repl must be renamed. We provide default names for your repls, but if you want to publish, you have to rename it to something more descriptive.
  • Your repl must have a description. It's really important for other people to understand what your repl does.
  • Your repl must have a cover image. Since we present repls visually, we recommend an eye-catching, high-resolution cover image for it to stand out.
  • Your repl must have tags. Tags are how repls are discovered on Replit and allow replers to find related repls more easily!

Publishing updates​

Once your repl is published, if you want to edit the description, tags, or cover image, press Publish update in either the Workspace or on your Spotlight page.

Publish update from Workspace​

Clicking publish from Workspace

Publish update from Spotlight​

Clicking publish from Spotlight


If you want to unpublish your repl, go to the ... menu in the top right corner of your Spotlight page or in the Workspace, and click Unpublish

Unpublishing from Workspace​

Clicking publish from Workspace

Unpublishing from Spotlight​

Clicking publish from Unpublish