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About Usage-Based Billing

There are three types of usage-based billing:

  1. Outbound Data Transfer
  2. Autoscale Compute Units
  3. Requests

You can view your usage in your account here. Billing occurs monthly or once your accumulated costs reach $10. Both Hacker and Pro subscription users receive monthly allowances for these resources.

1. Deployments Outbound Data Transfer

This type of usage is billed per byte with Hacker and Pro subscribers receiving a monthly allowance. Only egress (outgoing) data is counted against this allowance, potentially leading to overages. In contrast, ingress (incoming) data is always free.

Hacker50 GiB
Pro100 GiB

Exceeding your allowance costs $0.10 per GiB. The allowances apply to both Static and Autoscale deployments.

Learn more about Autoscale and Static Deployments.

2. Compute Units

The runtime for Autoscale Deployments is billed using Compute Units, which consider both CPU and RAM time. Hacker and Pro users receive a monthly allowance:

Hacker3 million Compute Units/month
Pro6 million Compute Units/month

Overages are billed at $1 per million Compute Units. The granularity of the billing is down to each individual compute unit ($0.00000125 each).

Here is a breakdown of how RAM and CPU seconds for an Autoscale Deployment translate into Compute Units:

ResourceCompute UnitsCost/second
1 RAM Second2 Units$0.0000025/second
1 CPU Second18 Units$0.0000225/second

Static Deployments don't consume Compute Units. Their billing is solely for Outbound Data Transfers beyond a specified amount.

Learn more about Autoscale Deployments.

3. Requests

Autoscale Deployments also consider the number of requests made. Here are the monthly allowances for Hacker and Pro:

Hacker1.25 million requests/month
Pro2.5 million requests/month

Requests beyond the allowances are billed at $0.40 per million.

Additional Notes

If there's an issue with your payment method, we'll notify you. Continuous payment failures might lead to the suspension of your deployments. If this happens, please contact support and update your payment details to regain access to our services.