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Bring your coding projects to life on-the-go with the Replit Mobile App.

About the Replit Mobile App

The Replit Mobile App is available for Android and iOS users. With this app, you can take your coding projects anywhere you go and unleash your creative potential. Whether you want to write a Python bot, build a website, or run any program, the Replit Mobile App has you covered.

Key Features

  • Effortless hosting with zero setup deployment
  • Real-time multiplayer collaboration for live coding
  • Support for coding in any language and framework
  • Access to over 15 million projects to clone and remix
  • Ability to set up custom domains for your projects
  • Easy import of existing projects from Github
  • Repl Auth integration for user authentication
  • Quick database setup with ReplDB
  • All-in-one code editor, compiler, and IDE
  • Powered by Nix

Launch Video

Signing up, logging in, and and signing out of accounts

Download the Replit Mobile App on your Android or iOS device.

To sign up, tap Start coding. You will be redirected to create an account with Replit. You can either sign up with email/password or use a third-party authentication providers such as Google, Github, and Facebook.

To log in, tap Already have an account?. You'll be redirect it to log in to your existing account.

To log out, go to your Replit account. Tap Log Out listed under the Other sections of your account. You'll receive a notification prompting you to confirm that you want to log out. Tap Log Out and you'll now be logged out of your Replit account on the mobile app.

Sharing app feedback

Sharing feedback about the Replit Mobile App is simple. You can either shake your phone to bring up a feedback form or navigate to your Replit account and tap Send App Feedback under the Other section. After that, choose the corresponding category and you'll be able to send us your feedback on the Mobile App.

Features coming soon

The first version of the Replit Mobile App is focused on creation first. Write, run, and host projects just like you can on the Replit site.

Coming soon:

  • Repl publishing
  • Community feed
  • Cycles and subscriptions purchasing
  • The Learn Hub
  • 100 days of Code
  • Custom Themes
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