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CLUI, the Graphical CLI

Replit has created a text-based interface to interact with various aspects of your account. This page serves as documentation of the various capabilities of CLUI.

Note: CLUI is not feature-complete and is still under active development.

Accessing CLUI

Navigate to and the following prompt will appear:


The prompt will display in-line information about the commands which can be run.


Expand the following top-level commands to learn more.

account: Manage your account

account view-warns
View warnings you have been issued.

account change-username
Change your username (this can only be done once).

trash: List and restore deleted repls

trash restore --title $title
Restore a deleted repl by its title. If multiple repls exist with the same name, the most recently deleted repl will be restored.

trash view
View your most recently deleted repls.

team: View and manage your teams

> View the members of your team.

Transfer an own repl to team.

clear: Clears the screen

Clears screen.

Further Reading

Check out our blog post for a discussion on building CLUI.